The people that make the magic happen


Aaron Talmon    Battleroom chair, Fan Table chair, and all around handyman.

April Lindloff      Dealers room and Con-suite.

Chuck Montgomery – Director of Public safety

Daniel “Dark” Hatcher Volunteers

Dave Duncan – The man of many faces.

Lisa McKeever   Jet-setting international assassin-for-hire, currently undercover as a stay-at-home mom for two evil minions in-training. She is in charge of the OSFest Art Show

Janet Stiles Klingon cleric and Officiant.

Jason Burns Programming

James McMahon Asst. Director of Public Safety

Josh Scarborough Con-Ops

Matt McKeever   Hotel Liason and Legal.

Mitch Obrecht  Film Festival Expert and Current Con Chair

Natisha Stiles   Darth Mom living in a fantasy world. Also the webwitch.

Noah Hardy Audio/Visual

Stacy Angel – Director of convention reservation

Logan Spencer McCurdy Photographer

Kile McCurdy Videographer


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