Osfest is proud to announce that PretzCON (A local Omaha family run game convention) will be hosting our 2015 Game Room.

Our game room is an ongoing event at Osfest where people gather to play games. You can play some of your favorite games and you also get the chance to play new games you have never played before. Games of all types are played: board games like Monopoly and Risk; card games like Spades and Uno; dice games like Yahtzee and Farkle; European games like Settlers of Catan and Dominion; role-playing games like Against the Darkness and Pathfinder; collectible games like Warcraft and Magic; and everything in between!


The game room will have many tables set up, with all sorts of different games available to play throughout the convention. Games with as little as 2 or as great as 20 players. Games where there can only be one winner or games where players have to work together toward a common goal. The games available to play are brought by each game slot organizer, all of whom will also teach you the rules in case you have never played before.


Game rooms are a great way to just come and hang out between panels or events  and have fun playing games with your family, friends, and lots of other people who love to play games. Plus there will always be area dedicated to open-gaming where everyone can gather and play whatever they want, whenever they want.


Bring your own games, or check out something new from the Game Library. The Game Library has games that gamers can peruse, and check-out to play free of charge. If the game room is staffed, the game library is open.


Staffed Game Room Hours

Friday   6pm – 10pm

Saturday 10am – 10pm

Sunday   10am – 3pm


Here is a link to scheduled games for Osfest, but we will have staff on hand to start other games when you have time to play.


Play and win: We will have many door prizes, including board games, given away each day of the convention.


Game room rules: Failure to comply with the policies of the game room can result in expulsion from the convention without refund.


All federal, state and local laws will be obeyed

All OsFest Convention rules will be obeyed

Smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas.

Registration and other purchases are non-refundable.

Be respectful to other people.

Don’t be disruptive.

Game masters have the final say of who can play in their game.

Keep volume reasonable to allow nearby gamers and con-goers to enjoy the con as well.

Game Room Only attendees can only spend time in the game room (Upgrades to full con access available)



What is PretzCon?


PretzCon is a family run Game Convention in Omaha, run every April by the Pretz Family. PretzCON is a game convention that grew out of the Pretz family game night. For more information on PretzCON please visit their website at


Here are just some of the Pretz’s putting PretzCON at Osfest together


Pretz Stats Special Equipment Contact

Andy Game enthusiast and investigative journalist Microfilm of Unknown Origin
Geoff Game enthusiast and public relations Phone of Dialing
Jordan Game enthusiast and evil genius Doominator of Doom
Kelly Game enthusiast and social butterfly Book of Faces
“Pretz Mom” Game enthusiast and matriarch Diplomatic Immunity


Ad Hoc Pretz

Becca Game Enthusiast and pirate queen Glasses of Sun
Dave Game Enthusiast and master of games Player of Roles
Jasper Game Enthusiast and inventor Pen of Creation
Jess Game Enthusiast and lycanthrope vixen Werewolf of Fun
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