Friends, OSFest is just part of the larger fan community in the midwest.  If you know of a midwest convention we don’t have listed please send the webmaster the info (con name, when, where, what, etc…) and we will get it added.

Have fun!  Stay safe!  Don’t drive distracted!


  • Nuke-Con: Omaha Gaming Convention
  • Anime NebrasKon: The premier Nebraska Anime convention is back! (and always fun)
  • Icon: A fun filled Iowa convention
  • WillyCon: Springtime Nebraska fun
  • Constellation: Springtime (Lincoln) Nebraska fun!
  • DemiCon: The fun moves back to Iowa
  • ConQuest: Then makes a quick detour to Missouri
  • BritishFest: Before coming back to Nebraska for this first-of-its-kind British themed con
  • PretzCon: Springtime board game convention
  • StarFest: Springtime Denver fun!
  • Pon3 Con: is Nebraska’s only My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention.


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