A preview of events
Panels and events

at OSFest have included everything from discussions of Star Trek vs. Star Wars combat vessels, to a full-blown Klingon Wedding.

(Yes, a legal wedding. Klingons don’t truck with living in sin!).


Paranormal exploration, a dating auction, gaming, beer-brewing, and convention horror-stories are just a few of the topics you will find at the convention.

Here is a preview of the convention schedule.


Schedule of events

This is subject to change and is not the complete and final version.

“Am I A Good Man”; Capaldi so far? A discussion of how Peter Capaldi’s characterization of the Doctor has progressed.

Artist Jam with Arden Nixon An informal come & go for amateur and professional artists to work on projects, or just doodle and chat with other artists. Some basic art supplies will be provided. (2hrs)

Bitcoin The Future of Money A brief history and update on Bitcoin, Blackcoin and other digital currencies. Bring your laptops, iPads and Androids. Learn handson about creating a wallet sending funds and tossing coins into the OSFES Digital Wishing Well. Learn how to open an account and trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies on an exchange.

Building Tension in your Story Okay, first this thing happens, but everybody is okay with it. And then this other thing happens, but no biggie. Boring, right? Great stories keep you turning the pages and on the edge of your seat, racing forward to see if, when, MAYBE our protagonist will catch a break! There is a reason professional authors advise new writers to “kill your darlings.” Come listen to professional authors discuss the vital element of tension building in story.

Cheshire Moon Cheshire Moon is a fanciful melding of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and mad hatter Eric Coleman. These twotime Pegasus Award recipients are part of the growing music genre known as MythPunk, bringing old gods and folk tales into modern day, and bringing faerie tale princesses into the light of dark magic. They weave journeys of song and story, bringing their listeners along for the ride. Care to come along? cheshiremoon.net

Coming up with A Killer Plot Have you ever wanted to write a great story with a killer plot? Come join a panel of authors and learn how they compose a plot. We’ll discuss the Hero’s Journey and other tropes, and teach you the necessary parts for a great story!

Dining on Qo’noS Come sample the foods and delicacies that make Klingon life pleasurable, even on Tera’.

Doctor Who and the Cybercloset “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” You just need to find the right clothes to express that inner attitude. Join this panel of Doctor Who cosplayers and find out how they did theirs and get ideas about how to do yours.

Doctor Who Trivia for Jelly Babies How well do you know Doctor Who? Put your knowledge to the test in Doctor Who Trivia for Jelly Babies. Panelists are not responsible for your sugar shock!

Dune Discussion: The Fremen – An open discussion of the Fremen of the Dune Universe

Editing 101 For Writers Key techniques for selfediting writers need to know taught by a Hugo nominated editor.

Editor AMA: Bryan Thomas Schmidt Hugo nominated editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt who edits anthologies for companies like Baen Books and EDGE and novels for Wordfire Press will be on hand to answer everything you’ve wanted to know about editors. What do they do? How do they do it? Does it hurt? You name it.

Editors Are Not The Enemy A panel on the editing process and working with editors from both editor and writer points of view. Come learn why and how editors want to work with you and help you be the best you can be.

Erased In Action Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, before the spinning drum of the erasure head removed several episodes from the continuum of Doctor Who. And find out how wibbly, wobbly, timely animation can restore them.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anthologies Learn everything from how to create and sell.anthologies to how to find then and submit your stories to how they work behind the scenes. A Hugo nominated editor for Baen Books leads the discussion.

Extraterrestrial Archaeology It’s 2017 and a worldwide plague has wiped out the planet. 1,500 years in the future, an alien survey ship stumbles upon our blue jewel. The xeno experts aboard now have to figure out what they are finding. The moderator presents the panelists with common items, which they then must interpret through and guess their practical function

Genre Fabric Workshop Beginners workshop on knitting, crocheting, and quilting. Materials will be provided. (2hrs)

Getting Your Story Published Now that you’ve attended the other writing panels, how to get your masterpiece in print? Come listen to professional authors discuss the everchanging face of publishing, and the variety of ways your story can be ready by your soontobe adoring millions of fans!

Going Down the Research Rabbit Hole Researching for a story or novel can be a Wonderland rabbit hole with no bottom. New writers often ask, “How much research is enough? When should I stop? Should I stop at all?” And then they scream and fall into the abyss of insanity. This panel of experienced authors will answer those questions before you throw yourself off the cliff into insanity.

It Ain’t the Writing, It’s the Rewriting: The Power of Revision Rewriting and revising are arguably the most important part of the writing process. These experienced authors talk about revision techniques to make your story shine, without polishing the shine right back off again. How do you find your invisible weaknesses? How do you work around those weaknesses?

Klingon Jeopardy A Star Trek version of the classic TV game show. Where correct questions will get you a chocolate treat, but an incorrect one gets you a jolt from our pain sticks. Come for the chocolate, stay for the pain.

Klingon Personal Weapons Training Instruction in the use of Klingon weapons, such as the Bat’leth and Mek’leth, will be given at this time. Padded weapons only! (18+)

Klingon Pin Workshop Become an honorary Klingon for the duration of the convention by painting and constructing your own Klingon Trifoil pin. Then wear it proudly the remainder of OSFest. (2hrs)

Laura Croft Tomb Raider: Knowledge Quest

Legends Lost: Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lee A look at the life of Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lee among other we lost this past year. (2rh)

Lotus Dancers Women who share and celebrate life’s events through movement and music.

Making a Living Vs. Selling Out How to keep your dignity as an artist and not starve. Areas covered in the discussion include venues for selling your work, dealing with copyright issues, and how to value your own work, without getting taken advantage of.

Mok’bara Morning Exercises Wake up and smell the Raktajino. Join the crew of the Imperial Klingon Vessel Raptor’s Heart for morning exercises, Klingon style. Dress comfortably!

Omaha’s Local Fan Groups Come join Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Honor Harrington and other fan groups that operate in the Omaha Area.

Only the Finest Cinema Are you ready for sexy “witches,” obvious laser pointers, dinosaurs giving the finger, the largest boots on the planet, time travel mishaps, psychic cats, disappearing schoolgirls, amazingly bad death scenes, violent puppets, and a blatant disregard for the fourth wall? Neither were we. Watch and discuss moments from the greatest bmovies, cult films, and zgrade trash. (18+) (2 hr)

Pantsers vs. Planners A panel of writers discuss two different approaches to writing, the advantages and disadvantages, varied approaches, etc.

parmaq Is In The Air Speed dating for Klingons. Couples should signup in advance for this experience. The man stands on a small pedestal and will read love poetry to his intended significant other; while she hurls large objects across the room at him. Poetry and stuffed objects will be provided.

Podcasting 101 with Underground Inc. and Test Reactor Have you ever wanted to get into the wonderful world of podcasting? Join us as we discuss our beginnings, struggles, and tomfoolery. We will talk the Tech, Finding a topic, resources to use, and strategies to build an audience. As well as why we got into and how it is affecting our lives.

Spoken Word. or The Art of Authorial Seduction An experienced public speaking coach presents tips for aspiring and new authors to talk about your work in a variety of contexts. Public readings of your work and talking to potential fans (who might also be potential agents, editors, or publishers) will both be covered, with practical exercises you can do at home. Bring a sample of your work if you’re brave!

Star Wars Match Game It’s the classic game show with a Star Wars twist! Join guests of honor and staff with our host Genetic ʺGeneʺ RayBurn as contestants try to win prizes by filling in the ________. I have a ______ feeling about this!

SuperWhoLock Trivia Contest If you’re a fan of Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock or all of the above, come show off your knowledge for fun and prizes, plus ultimate SuperWhoLock fan bragging rights! Everyone who attends has the opportunity to be a contestant!

Star Wars Choose Your Own Adventure We’ll read the story, make choices and act out the consequences straight from the book. Audience participation required. Cosplayers and Stormtroopers welcome and needed! Bring your blasters, but no disintegrations, please.

Sticking the Landing: Ending Your Story Endings are the most powerful moment in books
and stories. Why do some endings leave a lasting impact and others just fizzle? How do endings in a series differ from standalone stories? This panel will discuss why some endings work or don’t, and how to maximize their impact.

Swimming in Slush: What Editors See A panel discussion of what editors and agents experience in a typical day, sure to include a long list of dos and don’ts for writers of every skill level. What is it like to sift through a hundred manuscripts and query letters a day? And how does the writer leverage this knowledge in the best possible ways?

The REAL Men in Black What is the government hiding? What have recent leaks and hack attacks uncovered? What does Snowden know? Reptilians and Grays, what ARE they and who are they working with? Come and find the truth! Your life will be changed forever!

Teen Titans Go! Discuss why this show is the best sitcom on TV. Learn how to talk like a Tamaranian. Practice cheering like a Titan. Find out why you should never dare superheroes not to use their powers. Vote on which Titan is least insane. Watch clips! Titans, Go!

The Folklore of UFOlogy: The Cafeteria of Belief General UFO discussion. What are UFO’s? Are they from other worlds? Do they have an agenda? These and many more questions will be explored at this panel brought to you by UFOmaha!!

Things I Wish I’d Been Told About Becoming an Artist Things you should know about becoming a professional artist, that they might not have taught you in art school. Tips for managing your time, dealing with clients and the public, and taking care of the business details.

To Sonic or Not to Sonic Build your very own Sonic Screwdriver. (2hrs)

Tribble Hunt You know you hate them! Those furry little replicating balls of purriness! Now is your chance to put them to good use by clobbering your fellow man in a game of Dodge Ball. Get down to the combat room, grab a purring little monster and hurl him across the room at your favorite enemy, or unsuspecting friend.

Who Will Win the Iron Throne? So, Song of Ice and Fire fans, you’ve read all the books, watched every episode, read all the fan theories. Now it’s your turn: How do you think it will all shake out? Who will live? Who will die? Who is Jon Snow’s mother? And when winter finally comes, who will wind up sitting the Iron Throne?   ***Needless to say, but we’ll say it anyway: SPOILERS WILL ABOUND, for both the show and books.***

Writing a Great Villain Let’s face it. What would Star Wars be without Darth Vader? What would Superman be without Lex Luther? A good villain is vital to an interesting conflict. In fact, the more evil and nefarious, the better! Come and listen to professional authors discuss villains and why they are so vital to a good story

Writing Existing Worlds A panel of writers discuss the world of tiein writing from gaming to Star Wars and more. How do you do it? How can you get in on it? How does it differ from writing originals?

Writing Interesting Characters When crafting a story, good authors carefully craft memorable characters. What makes them special? Why are they the way they are? Come listen to professional authors discuss how they come up with fantastic characters to carry a great story along.

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