All About Wood Refinishing and Restoration Baton Rouge

All About Wood Refinishing and Restoration Baton Rouge!

Worn, damaged and dirty floors can affect the appearance of your entire home, but replacing your existing floors can cost a ton of money. That’s why we recommend revitalizing your existing floors instead of replacing them. Narrow rugs and scratched hardwood can be restored to their former glory with the help of a local flooring specialist. For much less than replacing your floor, you will clean your carpets and work on the wood floors again to make your home look clean and fresh.

Low finishing wood in Baton Rouge

Wood floors add beauty and grace to any home, but years of use can make your wood floor look dull and scratched. If your wood floors are opaque, damaged or aged, they should be modified. A simple sanding and re-hooking process will make your parquet floors look fabulous again.

The first step is to sand the parquet floor to remove the previous finish and soften scratches, dents and other rough spots. This ensures that the floor is smooth, flawless and ready to receive the new sealant. And although hardwood was once again a very dusty process, modern powder-free sanding systems virtually eliminate chaos. Once your floor is sanded, several layers of polyurethane finish are applied. This protects your floor and gives it a beautiful shine and shine. When the entire process is complete (usually for several days), your parquet floors will look like new!

Although parquet finishing is a relatively simple process, it is not a job for amateurs. DIY insects often include sanding, uneven sealing and seal capture: major problems that can even destroy your hardwood! To obtain the best results, it is important to leave the professionals with the parquet covering.

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Wood Refinishing and Restoration Baton Rouge